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Commercial Technology

Scalable Technology Solutions for a Smarter Workplace

Set your organization apart with intuitive audio and video technologies that aid growth.  


Elevate Your Business with Leading-Edge Technology

From corporate to classroom, smart technology puts your business or institution above the rest in overall efficiency and experience. Explore the possibilities below.

Integrated Building Control

Monitor and operate technology from a central hub to facilitate daily tasks.

Centralized Distribution

Streamline operations with remotely located equipment racks and automation gear.

Motorized Window Treatments

Optimize natural light while managing any resulting heat gain or UV damage.


High performance cameras with cloud or local storage help mitigate threats.

Distributed Audio

Deliver quality sound throughout your facility that is effortless to control.

Lighting Control

Improve employee morale and reduce costs with intuitive control.

Restaurant / Bar

Create an exceptional dining experience for your patrons with customized scenes that automatically transition your lights, shades, climate and multimedia.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Distributed Audio · Distributed Video · Video Displays · Motorized Window Treatments · HVAC Control · LED Lighting · Wi-Fi

bar with sonance speakers and savi control system

Distributed Audio

Effortlessly control the audio in every zone of your restaurant from one centralized touch screen to provide seamless listening enjoyment for your patrons.

Video Displays

Broadcast the big game with state-of-the-art 4K displays that produce stunning picture both indoors and outdoors.

Motorized Window Treatments

Provide both protective functionality and a more pleasing atmosphere for diners with solar screen shades that reduce glare while preserving the view outside your restaurant.

Conferencing Systems

Communicate with your organization's leaders with intuitive and collaborative technologies that are easy to use and provide the highest levels of audio, video and environmental control.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Integrated Room Control · Presentation Technology · Hidden Audio Video · Motorized Window Treatments · Video Conferencing

neutral-toned boardroom with black chairs and led lighting in the ceiling

Lighting Control

Activate dynamic lighting and shading scenes that are optimized for the purpose of the meeting whether it be a live board meeting or a video conference with the team in San Francisco.

Integrated Room Control

Increase meeting efficiency with one-touch control and scheduling for all audio, video, lighting, shading and presentation technology.

Presentation Technology

Captivate your staff and clients with a high-performance 4K multimedia switching of local and remote sources outputted to displays and projection systems optimized for clarity.

Hidden Audio Video

Power your meetings without the clutter by implementing concealed in-wall speakers, table inserts for messy wires and motorized lifts for displays.

Motorized Window Treatments

Command every window treatment in an instant for controlled natural lighting, temperature regulation and furnishing protection from damaging UV rays.

Multi-Family Housing

Provide residents with smart amenities that automate and simplify the home experience.
Common Solutions
Home Security · Smart Thermostats · Automated Lighting · Intercom · Gate Access · Home Automation
multi-family housing

Home Security

Create a safe community with surveillance cameras, video doorbells, and automated door locks that residents can access remotely.


Allow guests to communicate with visitors and receive deliveries through a two-way intercom system.

Home Automation

Entice prospective residents with a home automation system that integrates in-ceiling audio, smart lighting, HVAC, and more.

Hotel / Hospitality

Deliver an exceptional experience to your guests as they enter your property and navigate through common areas and their personal suite.
Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · HVAC Control · Hidden Audio Video · Entry Systems/Access Control · Smart Building Technology · Wi-Fi · Lighted Mirrors

hotel lobby with tv and hyper futuristic design

Lighting Control

Create a welcoming environment when guests arrive with dynamic scenes that brighten and dim throughout the day on your command or on a preset schedule.

Entry Systems/Access Control

Lock down entries to lodging, gyms and more after a certain hour and implement an access control system for authorized guests with a PIN or key card only.

Smart Building Technology

Improve hotel operations by implementing a comprehensive, centralized control system to monitor, manage and adjust the integrated technology throughout your entire property.

Event Venue

Design a multi-purpose space that transforms for hosting weddings, training sessions or award shows. Instantly delight or educate guests with immersive audio and video solutions.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Distributed Audio · Distributed Video · Integrated Room Control · Wi-Fi · Motorized Window Treatments

event venue

Lighting Control

Intuitively manage lights with on-wall keypads or dedicated touchscreens. Use saved settings for events and allow on-the-go adjustments to stage lighting, award table lighting, ceiling décor lighting and more.

Distributed Audio

Venue audio should be versatile without sacrificing quality. Create your desired sonic experience with high-quality microphones, speakers and mixers that seamlessly distribute live and recorded audio throughout the space.

Distributed Video

Easily broadcast content to high-resolution displays and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Instantly transform the space with drop-down or fast-fold screens that disappear when not in use.


Ensure your council chambers are accessible, inclusive and equipped with the latest technology to support the processes and people within them.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Integrated Room Control · Presentation Technology · Hidden Audio Video · Video Conferencing · Acoustic Treatment


Lighting Control

Encourage focus, eliminate glare and reduce costs with dimmable, energy-efficient LEDs. Integrate vacancy sensors that ensure lights turn off once the chamber is empty.

Integrated Room Control

Make meetings more efficient with one-tap control of lighting, climate, projector systems, multimedia presentations and more from one interface.

Presentation Technology

Allow in-person and remote attendees to wirelessly connect, present and share important information to council members without being bound to the podium.

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