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SAVI Controls

A simpler way to manage your business’s AV & technologies.

SAVI Controls

A simpler way to manage your business’s AV & technologies.

Powerful Enough for Business. Simple Enough for All Users.

Commercial AV Control
Enterprise-grade AV systems have been historically difficult for business owners to manage and customize. That is, until SAVI Controls. SAVI offers unprecedented simplicity for commercial automation. What once may have required weeks or months to program and install now only takes hours, resulting in an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Managing your technology just became easier than ever.
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Simplify Your AV Experience

Sync audio, video, lighting, and all your devices to one SAVI system.

SAVI Creator

Search, Filter & Control Your Devices

From smart lighting to multi-room audio, you can control all your business’s AV and technology through the SAVI control system. SAVI systems are designed to save time and resources by reducing the number of devices necessary for operation. We’ll seamlessly integrate your technology into the system, which you’ll access on your preferred mobile device. Plus, SAVI’s groundbreaking features like Map View, Game View, and Macro are built into the standard system—so you can enjoy the best of SAVI from the start.

Build Your AV System with SAVI

SAVI Hardware
SAVI’s hardware is engineered to support thousands of displays and AV inputs. Each piece works together to bring incredible video, audio, lighting, HVAC, and more to your commercial space. By reducing the number of cables and devices required, you’ll eliminate technical difficulties while enhancing performance.
SAVI Hardware

Ready for faster & simpler AV distribution?

Contact our team of certified SAVI installers.

  • SAVI Server Pro

    SAVI Server Pro

    As the brain of your SAVI 3 system, the Server Pro controls thousands of devices and includes features like Creator, Canvas, and SAVI UI.
  • SAVI DSP.One

    SAVI DSP.One

    Expand your audio network with the ultimate Digital Signal Processor, featuring an audio-over-IP system to simplify installation.
  • SAVI AMP.One

    SAVI AMP.One

    The 2400-watt amplifier delivers audio to eight zones with individual speaker output control.


    The STREAM.One video encoder dramatically streamlines your system by distributing audio and video to displays and video walls—with just one cable.
  • SAVI DMA.One

    SAVI DMA.One

    All the features of the DSP.One merged with ICEpower modular amplification, reducing hardware and clutter in your commercial space.
  • SAVI Connect I/O

    SAVI Connect I/O

    Connect your non-IP-enabled, legacy devices to the control system with the Connect I/O.
  • SAVI Kona

    SAVI Kona

    The Kona cools your AV equipment rack by drawing in air and pushing it through the back, creating a stream of airflow to extend devices’ longevity.
  • SAVI Thermostat

    SAVI Thermostat

    Incorporate smart heating and cooling controls so it’s always a comfortable temperature in your business space.
  • STREAM.One 4K

    STREAM.One 4K

    Building a video wall? The STREAM.One 4K synchronizes content over multiple displays, creating a seamless wall of 4K video.

    Control with Confidence

    User Interface
    SAVI offers the system interface you’ve always wished for. The customizable interface is so intuitive and user-friendly that it requires virtually no training. Whether you need a list of AV zones or a bird’s-eye-view, you’ll manage the system the way you want.
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    Simplify the AV Experience

    Integrate & control your business’s technology with a SAVI system.

    Navigate Your Way

    Search through your commercial AV system in seconds with customized navigation.

    Map View

    Take a bird’s eye view of your entire AV system and look through rooms to find what you need.

    Game View

    Manage a sports bar or restaurant? Easily scroll through upcoming sporting events and schedule games up to four days in advance.

    SAVI Canvas

    Distribute content to all your screens and customize the display’s layout with split screens, custom graphics, ads, and more.

    SAVI Show

    Store and share your brand’s unique content, including logos, menus, specials, and slideshows. Then tag, search, and filter content by name.

    Canvas Dashboard

    Check an at-a-glance status of all your AV endpoints for simple management of your devices’ health and activity.

    Facility View

    Scroll quickly through all your displays, lighting, and audio zones, and control your entire venue with a single command.