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How Smart Blinds Can Save Your Home 25% in Energy Costs

Lutron smart blinds on windows in a living room.

Reduce Energy Usage with Motorized Window Shades 

A recent study from the Illinois Institute of Technology has discovered that automated window blinds can reduce building energy consumption by 25 percent. The study at Willis Tower in Chicago found that simple solutions like motorized window shades can vastly improve a building’s energy efficiency. 

While the study was conducted in a commercial building, smart blinds can also reduce utility costs at home. Here’s how homeowners in St. Louis County, MO, can save energy with motorized blinds. 

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Designing with Light: The Role of Lutron Shade Control

Honeycomb Lutron shades on a narrow window in front of a lamp and chair

Transform Your Home with Innovative Smart Systems

Natural light has always been an interior designer's best friend because it transforms living spaces with ease, creating ambiance and influencing our moods. But what if you could control it with the touch of a button or a voice command? With Lutron shade control, you can. 

Keep reading to learn about this game-changing smart home solution that designers love for their St. Louis County, MO, clients.

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3 Advantages of Electric Blinds in All Seasons

Luxurious custom-designed home theater and game room in a Columbia, MO home.

Keep Your Home Comfortable and Efficient throughout the Year

Why would you want electric blinds over manual ones? We're glad you asked! First, there's the undeniable convenience of raising and lowering shades and blinds with the touch of a button. But it goes beyond that. Keep reading below to see why electric blinds and shades make your home in Columbia, MO more comfortable and efficient in every season.  

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3 Reasons You Need Motorized Shades in Your Home

A small dining area with a table and four chairs with windows in the background featuring motorized shades.

Experience the Luxury, Comfort, and Security of High-Precision Shades

Are you tired of manually opening and closing every window covering your home? Not only can that be a hassle, but it's hard to get all windows to look uniform manually. With motorized shades, that's not a problem! Motorized window treatments are elegant, easy to control, and can truly elevate the aesthetic of any room. Keep reading for three reasons you should consider adding motorized window covering to your Columbia, MO home.  

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