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Integrate Outdoor Audio Into Your Home Automation System


Make Life Simpler & More Luxurious with Smart Technology from Encore

There’s no need to manage two separate technology systems when you work with the professionals at Encore. Keep reading to explore how we can help you seamlessly blend your outdoor audio setup with your existing home control platform.

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What Is An Outdoor Audio System?

Outdoor acoustics present unique challenges due to the absence of walls and ceilings. Sound travels freely and can get lost in open-air spaces, which is where the magic of custom soundscaping comes into play. 

Imagine speakers discreetly tucked away, their presence felt but not seen, enveloping spaces in pure, undiluted sound. From the barbecue pit to poolside areas to the patio, designing outdoor soundscapes blends aesthetics and acoustics to combine technology with nature. Encore engineers a bespoke sound system that complements the open skies of St. Louis County properties to ensure every note and nuance is felt, not just heard.

Will an Outdoor Speaker Setup Work with My Automation System?

Integrating with your home's automation platform elevates an outdoor audio system from great to sublime. With the touch of a button or the sound of your voice, control becomes intuitive, almost second nature. Weather-resistant technology ensures your system stands the test of time, while advanced technology offers high performance and easy control. 

With one button tap, you can take the music from the dining room to the patio or have the entire property sing with the same sports coverage of the biggest games. The choice is yours when you have a professionally designed sound system and smart control from Encore!

As the sun sets over St. Louis County, let the serene harmony of your outdoor audio system transform into an oasis of sound. Connect with us here today and let’s play beautiful music together with our partnership!

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