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What Are the Biggest Trends in Landscape Lighting?

Outdoor patio with fireplace, grill, wooden furniture with white cushions, umbrella, and Asian-inspired statues.

The Future of Landscape Lighting for Luxury Homes

As luxury homes evolve, so does the importance of landscape lighting. For one, it's one way to make beautiful properties stand out at night. But its role in homeowners' day-to-day lives is just as important, from enhancing safety to letting them set the right ambiance for any activity. 

As landscape lighting takes center stage, there's a deeper understanding of how lighting can transform outdoor living spaces into enchanting, functional extensions of the home. 

In this blog, we'll explore the latest trends in smart, eco-friendly, and customizable lighting designs in St. Louis County. 

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Enhanced Control Options 

Though a lot of focus goes to fixtures in lighting design, the mechanics of using them also matter. Smart lighting systems enable homeowners to manage outdoor lighting from anywhere, anytime, using apps, touchpads, remotes, or automation.

Automation contributes significantly to energy efficiency by ensuring lights are on only when needed. Additionally, custom scenes allow for personalizing outdoor spaces to suit different occasions or moods. Lighting control even enhances security through motion sensors and scheduled lighting patterns that mimic occupancy when homeowners are away. 

Energy-Efficient LED Lighting  

Eco-friendly and energy-efficient lighting is also gaining momentum in luxury homes. LED lights are a hallmark of eco-conscious installations due to their longevity, reduced energy consumption, and minimal maintenance needs. These characteristics make LEDs ideal for sustainability without sacrificing quality. 

LEDs also allow for varied color schemes so homeowners can easily craft atmospheres for different occasions, for example, pink lights on Valentine's Day or Cardinal red and navy for Opening Day. Pre-set scenes allow for a dynamic transformation of outdoor spaces with the touch of a button. 

Ready to illuminate your luxury home with the latest landscape lighting trends? Call us or fill out our contact form today for a personalized solution reflecting your style and preferences. 

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