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Ideas for Incorporating TVs into Your Outdoor Design


Bring Premium Entertainment to Your Lakeside Spaces with Encore

Spending time on the Lake of the Ozarks is incredible this time of year, and many homeowners look for ways to add a bit of entertainment to their outdoor areas while they enjoy the lakeside views.

Adding a new TV outside requires more finesse than simply plugging in a new display. It’s all about seamlessly blending the technology with your aesthetic, incorporating it into your patio design so it looks like it belongs there even when you’re not watching anything. 

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Outdoor Kitchen & Bar TVs

Imagine preparing a meal or mixing a cocktail while catching up on your favorite series or the big game. Adding a TV in this spot enhances the functionality and style. Opt for sleek, weather-resistant displays that complement décor while shielding your TV from the elements.

Concealing a TV in Outdoor Spaces

Depending on your space allowance and budget, there are a few concealable TV options for those who prefer a minimalist look. When the display isn’t in use, it simply hides away in custom cabinetry or housing units that match outdoor furniture. Hidden TVs keep the aesthetic integrity of your luxurious outdoor setting without detracting from the stunning lake on the horizon.

Considerations for Installing TVs Near Pools or Hot Tubs

Safety and optimal viewing should be your top priorities when placing TVs near water features. Install your TV at a safe distance from pools or hot tubs to avoid splash damage, and choose water-resistant models that protect the delicate electronics inside. Purchasing an outdoor-specific TV option from a professional and letting them handle all necessary wiring and installation ensures everything is safely handled to prevent electrical hazards.

Handle Shade, Sun, or Both Environments

Outdoor TVs combat the bright sunlight with features like enhanced brightness and anti-reflective screens. Position your TV to minimize glare for a clear, crisp picture at any time of day. Our team can help you find the perfect TV for full-shade, full-sun, or partial-sun locations. You and your family can watch any time of day comfortably, with shows and movies never being too bright or too dull.

Ready to change how you entertain or relax while enjoying your time at the lake? Fill out our contact form here for an outdoor AV consultation!

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