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What Does an Energy Management System Do?

A man in a beige coat connects a charger to a car parked in front of a modern home, with a smartphone displaying an energy consumption chart on its screen.

Reduce Costs, Optimize Renewable Energy, and Avoid Blackouts 

Do you have a grasp of how you're using energy? Are you sure you won't be left in the dark when the power goes out? An energy management system puts you in control of your home's electricity, from monitoring your usage to helping you implement renewable energy sources. What does that mean for your Columbia, MO, home? Greater self-reliance and reduced costs. Check out how our energy management systems deliver these benefits.

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Backup Power 

During a blackout, you'll automatically switch to your battery or any available solar power. These systems ensure zero interruption so internet routers, refrigerators, and important medical devices never get disconnected. Get up-to-date information on how long devices will keep running on battery power and turn them off as needed based on priority.

Energy Modes 

Through custom energy modes, your home always matches your energy needs. Choose from different options, such as Eco modes, which rely on your battery and renewable energy to reduce costs, and Storm modes, which fill up your battery in anticipation of poor weather. Even create Blackout modes that designate which essentials to power using your battery. 

Advanced Monitoring

View your energy management dashboard for up-to-date information on your energy usage. Review based on circuits or zoom in to look at individual appliances. Based on that information, you can shut off certain circuits or adjust your day-to-day activities to optimize your energy use. 

Renewable Energy

One of the challenges with solar power is it's only available during certain times of day unless you store it. Savant Energy Systems will connect your solar panels to battery storage. We'll then work with you to decide when you want to use that solar power directly or have it stored. 

Discover how an energy management system revolutionizes your energy use. Call us or fill out our contact form to optimize your energy independence and savings!

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